15 Best Baby High Chairs of 2022.

When you are a parent apart from clothes and food there are quite a few things that you have to think about like having a baby high chair for your little one because he is starting to eat.

baby high chair

For now, it might not seem like a big deal to you but it eventually will when your kid will feel the need for it.

For the parents who are looking for the best baby high chair, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best ones for you to find out.

Lalo 2 in 1 high chair: 

The first chair is the Lalo 2 in 1 high chair. This chair is very minimalistic, is modern, and also comes with a very fun design. This chair easily converts into a toddler chair too. It comes with two legs that help in converting into a toddler chair.

Antilop high chair: 

The second chair is the antilop high chair which is extremely affordable. This chair is very compact, and sturdy, and comes with plastic surfaces that can easily be molded. It also comes with buckle clips for your kids’ safety. It will definitely be a great choice for your little one.

Graco blossom high chair: 

Graco blossom is one of the best chairs because it comes with six seats. This seat can easily be used for two babies at one time. It comes with convertible harnesses, a footrest that can also be adjusted, and the tray on it can also be very easily removed.

Stokke trip high chair:

This is a classic chair that has been there for quite a while\ now. This chair converts to a normal chair as well and is capable of holding up to 242 pounds. Even though this chair is a little costly but because it stays for a very long time so definitely worth the money.

Skip hop high chair: 

The skip hop chair is the high profile chair and it also converts from a good high chair to a toddler’s step tool. The best part is that it can also be reclined for babies. Larger footprints make it very safe to use.

Just as you would find the best baby toys for your kid, you should also look for useful things like the best baby high chairs so that your kid can eat in peace.

Nomi Nomi high chair: 

The Nomi Nomi chair is famous because of its ergonomic design. The chair comes with an easily adjustable footrest as well as a seat. The best part about it is that it is very easy to clean. If you want to get a tray or a cushion you will have to pay extra for that and it is one drawback that comes with it.

Bombol pop-up booster: 

This again is one of the best chairs because it can literally be folded flat and can be taken anywhere that you want. This chair weighs about 2.5 lbs and is able to hold the kids up to 75 lbs. This chair can very easily fit all the adult chairs too.

Peg Parego high chair:

This high chair comes with a reclining position for the toddlers and it also has a very comfortable and secure seat. This is one of the best high chairs with its height adjustable and it can be used for a very long time too.

Inglesina high chair: 

Inglesina high chair is famous because it can directly be hooked to the table without any trouble. This chair can hold up to 4.2 pounds. The covers of this chair are removable as well as washable. It is for babies that are 6+. This is a good choice for a high chair.

4moms connect high chair: 

The next chair called the 4moms connect high chair comes with a very easy magnetic tray that can easily be connected or disconnected. It also conveniently reclines for all newborn babies. The best part about it is that the height of the chair and the footrest can easily be adjusted.

Bloom fresco high chair: 

the bloom fresco high chair is a very chic, and aesthetic-looking high chair which swivels all the 360 degrees. The chair comes with two different trays. One of them is large for kids to play and the other one is smaller for eating purposes. Even though this chair is really expensive but because it can be used till the age of eight, would be a great investment.

Graco slim snacker: 

When we talk about the chair that is the easiest to take down then we must be talking about the Graco slim snacker. This chair weighs about 7 pounds and it also comes with a big tray table. This is a very sturdy high chair and is also a little less expensive than other compared brands.

Also, the best one is if you are going to teach your kids the top 10 essential mannersThese chairs make it very easy for the kids to eat and enjoy.

Pop n sit high chair: 

the pop n sit chair is a very compact and convenient seat for your little one and it literally just pops up. This chair only weighs about four pounds and it also has a bag that you can carry it in. the fabric of this chair is washable and it also comes with a storage pocket.

Joovy Foodo: 

the Joovy Foodo chair can easily be adjusted at eight different heights and that is what makes this a perfect chair. This can also fold straight so very easy to carry too. It comes with wheels so is easy to move around too. This chair will literally grow with your kids and you will enjoy watching that.

Fisher price: 

The last chair that we would like to mention is the Fisher price which is extremely affordable. This chair is very compact and can also be attached to the table easily. It also converts to a booster so a win-win situation. The only drawback that comes with this chair is that it is hard to clean.

These are some of the chairs that you can choose from and make your kid comfortable while eating. You can choose depending on your price range and choice.

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