Appealing Muslim Girl Names That Start With R

Whenever you are close to giving birth to your baby there are a few things that you keep thinking of that also includes choosing the right name for your kiddo.

There are a lot of options for all religions and for all origins and you can easily choose from them. In this article, we are going to be talking about amazing Muslim girl names that start with r. We will talk about all the names that start with r and we will also get into as much detail as we can.


The first name that we are going to talk about is Raaida which comes from Islamic origin for sure. The name Raaida means leader. It is a unique name that you can surely use.


Rabab is the second name in this list because it is a name commonly used. This is a really famous Muslim girl’s name and it means a white cloud.


Now that we mention a common name, we would like to mention one more which is Rabeea. This name means a beautiful garden.


If you want a name that has somehow an Islamic association then you can choose the name Radhwa. The name Radhwa literally means a mountain that is present in Madina.


If you are looking for a more unique name that starts with the alphabet R then you can go with this name Raghd. The meaning of this name is pleasant.


One name that has recently gained a lot of popularity is the name Rahimah. Luckily, it also starts with the alphabet R. the meaning of this beautiful name is compassionate.


Whenever a girl is born in any household people do consider her their princess so why not choose a name like that? The name Raniya also literally means princess.


Rayya is an Islamic name that comes of Arabic origin and is popular among Arabs too. the meaning of this unique name is sated with the drink.


The name that we are going to mention next is famous because of a Pakistani actress. Yes, the name is Resham. Resham’s name means silk.


Even though Rida is a name that has become a bit old-fashioned now but people still prefer choosing this name. The name Rida means contentment or satisfaction.


If you are looking for a Muslim name that is short cute but is also very unique then you can choose this name, Rim. The meaning of this name is a gem.


When the light of your life enters this world and makes your world beautiful then why not choose a name like that too? You can go by the name Roshna which means light.


Some people are just so active spiritually that they literally look for such names too. For that purpose, you can choose the name Ruhani which means spiritual.

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Moving forward the next name that we are going to be talking about is Ruqayya. Ruqqaya is a popular name because of its association with Islamic history. The name Ruqayya means gentle woman. This was the name of our Holy Prophet PBUH’s daughter so it is very respectable for all Muslims.


The name Raeesa again is a very popular name that also comes from a Muslim background. The name Raeesah means noble lady. This again is an appropriate name for your baby girl.


If you want to look for a name that is slightly old but is still going strong then you can go for this name Rafia. The name Rafia means someone with a high rank. This name again would be the right choice.


When we talk about names that are very unique and that you might not have heard about even then we need to mention Rafidah. The meaning of this name is support.


The next name that we are going to talk about is again a very unique name. This also has to be one of our personal favorite names too. The meaning of the name is Rose.


The name Rajwa again is a name that comes from Arabic origin but is obviously a Muslim name. The meaning of the name Rajwa is hope. It definitely is a beautiful name.


The next name that we are going to talk about is again one of the rare names in the list of names that start with R. The name rakhima comes from a Muslim background again. The meaning of this name is predominant.


Ramia is the next name that we are going to be talking about. Ramia is an Islamic name again which means Sender. This name again is a pretty name but people do not really prefer it because its name does not make a lot of sense.

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Rameesha is the name that again is really popular among the Muslim community and they choose this name alot too. The meaning of this name is a bunch of roses.


The last name that we are going to be mentioning in this list is the name Ramlah. This name ramlah again comes from Arabic background which means an old Arabic name.

These are all the names that we would like to suggest to you that start with the alphabet R. all these names are nice, unique, and popular. You can without a doubt choose any name from this list and make it your own daughter’.

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