Cute and Modern Irish Baby Names

Every time a baby is born in a house the first thing that every single person tends to ask is what you are going to name him or just generally the name of the baby.

Cute and Modern Irish Baby Names

And similarly, when the parents are expecting a baby the first thing that they think of is what they are going to name their kid when he will come into this world.

Some people go for what their ancestors did, some of them and go find names in their Holy books, and some people most commonly google the beautiful names for their kids.

If you are also somebody like that who is looking for names then you can search for different links and you can also look for names by searching what are some cool names for kids. 

You will find some really amazing names in the link mentioned above. Now, in this article, we are just going to give some beautiful Irish name suggestions for your kids.

Boy names:


The first name that we have decided to mention in this list of cute Irish baby names is the name

Bard. This is one of the cutest Irish names and it is honestly our favorite name too.

After listening to the meaning of this name you will also think of giving this name to your kid. The meaning of this beautiful name is a poet.

This name does not just have great meaning, but it also sounds great and it is also very easy to pronounce.


Calhoun is the next must-to mention name in this list and this is again a very modern and very unique name that people can definitely use for their baby boys.

The meaning of this beautiful name Calhoun is from the narrow forest. If you are somebody who is into nature or who loves the vibe of nature, then you can choose this name for your baby because this cute Irish baby boy’s name is very close to nature.

You can also look for the top 10 Irish boy names if you are searching for more name suggestions.


Now, when we talk about the names that are very popular yet are very unique and very modern then we need to mention this beautiful name, Noah.

This name is very popular among the Irish people and they really prefer to use this name for their baby boy which is actually very cute.

The meaning of this popular Irish name is rest. This name pretty much tells the origin itself. This is a Hebrew name and it comes from the biblical figure too.

You can choose this name for your cute little baby boy if you are looking for a name from that origin.


The last baby boy name that we would like to mention in the list of Irish boy names is the name, Seamus. This name is also a very popular name among the Irish people.

The meaning of this very cute name is one who grabs the heel. This name again comes from Hebrew origin and if you belong to that you can choose this name.

Gender-neutral names:

Now, we will get to know about some of the gender-neutral names in this list.


If you are looking for names that are gender-neutral and you still do not know the gender of the baby, then you can easily go for this name.

This is one of the most common gender-neutral Irish names and is pretty popular. The meaning of this baby’s name Dillon is a flash of lightning.

This name can easily be chosen for the baby because it comes under the good name because it possesses all the qualities of a good name.


The next gender-neutral name in this list is the name, Keegan. This again is a very famous name, and these are the traditional spellings of this beautiful name.

The other spelling of this name is Keagan. The meaning of this name is the son or the descendent. You can choose this name for both boy and a girl, but it is more common in girls.

Girl Names:

Lastly, we will give you some amazing name suggestions for baby girls; you can also search for the top 10 Irish baby girls’ names.


Now, this is a name that can also be taken under consideration because it is a great name because of its qualities.

It is a short name, it has very easy spellings, and it also has a great meaning. This name is also thought to be an easy version of another English name Sofia.

If you are looking for the name Sofia or thinking about choosing that name for your girl, you can definitely choose this name for your baby girl.

Now, comes the meaning of this name. The meaning of the name Fia is weaver or wild. You can give this name to your baby girl for sure.


The next pretty popular name on this list is the name Kera. If you are from a brown family and your girl is going to get her hair dark, then this is a perfect name for her because that is what it means i.e. dark-haired.

Not just that the second meaning of this name is sacred bells and you can go for this name for your baby girl too.

This again is a very popular name in the US, and it is given to a lot of baby girls every year.


The last Irish name that is a must to mention in this list of baby girl names is the name Aoife. This is a very popular name and it does not even to be mentioned because of its fame.

The meaning of this beautiful name Aoife is beauty and it is also popularly used by celebrities. If you do not know the pronunciation you can look for more detail in how do you pronounce Aoife. It will definitely help you a lot.

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