Influence of the Internet on Children

The Internet has become such an addiction that it has actually possessed our brains and our lives more than anything else. 

Influence of Internet on Children

Apart from that, the internet comes with both pros and cons and it is important that we educate ourselves about the positive and negative results of the internet.

The positive results of the internet are various. Most children nowadays use the internet or at least have access to it. From searching Top 10 American Boy Names to the math question that your child is stuck on.

However, most people are blinded by the advantages of the internet and they are unable to see any of the pitfalls that can possibly arise from the prolonged use of it.

Since the internet is such modern technology, few studies have been performed to determine whether it is helpful or harmful to children.

While the internet has tons of advantages for children, it also comes with some serious drawbacks. The internet has cons more than pros when teenagers use online programs and websites without any oversight.

First of all, most people now have many different social accounts, such as Twitter, and Facebook.

For example, the most dangerous thing about the excessive use of the internet is that the children do not know what limitations they need to follow and that is how they reveal a lot of their personal data. Numerous researches have shown the impacts of the uses of the internet and its benefits.

As the internet has many advantages, over these advantages there are various disadvantages of its use that affect badly.

When you are giving access to the internet to your children then it is really important that you tell them what is right about the internet and what is not.

In the past times when people did not really have any access to the internet they had to do everything themselves and now the internet has actually made things really easy to do.

In these times of pandemic when everything has become virtual internet has helped us a lot in every way possible. It has made students easily solve their problems through the internet.

There are many French children who search the meanings of their names by typing Top 10 French Boy Names or in the case of girls Top 10 French Girl Names.

As the internet has many advantages especially for children, similarly they have many disadvantages that can literally destroy the youth, so it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to guide the children about the rights and wrongs.

They must be told that how to use the internet in a positive manner so that they may be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Internet Addiction Disorder:

Although studies on this disorder are in their early stages, it has been said that children who spend most of their time on the Internet, show a very weird kind of behavior and most of them do not have an interest in studies or any other kinds of activities.

This is the only disorder that we are mentioning here, there are a lot of other disorders that are associated with the internet.

Reduced Physical Activity:

There are a lot of games available on the internet, which has led to most children avoiding all the outdoor activities.

Children who do not engage in physical activity are more likely to develop obesity and other lifestyle disorders, as well as struggle to develop physical skills.

Apart from these factors, sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time will seriously affect our well-being.

Impact on Health:

Constant internet usage can lead to lifestyle disorders in both children and adults. When people are spending most of their time in front of the screen, they are very likely to develop eyesight problems and other health issues.


While the internet is commonly used in the workplace, it has the ability to cause depression in people.

A working person is supposed to be available for the job at all hours of the day and night, with the availability of the internet and VPN, which allows you to access your office materials from anywhere.

In the long run, these facilities will trigger depression not just in the minds of those who work there, but also in the minds of those who do not.

Vulnerability to Cyber Crime:

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Children have been sexually abused and molested since being drawn in by pedophiles posing as good Samaritans.

The internet has also made it easier for unscrupulous elements to contact children, leading to a spike in abduction and identity theft cases.

Teachers and parents have faced new difficulties as a result of the above factors. There have been calls from various quarters for some form of legislation to address this problem.

However, rather than making the Internet a taboo, we believe that children should be taught how to use it to their advantage. It is recommended that parents keep track of how much time their children spend on the Internet and, if necessary, intervene.


The Internet has become an important or vital thing nowadays and it’s become impossible to survive without this because the solution to every problem is present on the internet.

This thing has a very important role because without it it’s become impossible to do anything mostly related to study.

Although there are several advantages associated with the internet for example you can even search what does The Name MIA means on the internet.

We are also able to witness the horrendous disadvantages of the internet and its usage in all walks of life. It’s high time that we realize that technological advancements are like a double-edged sword and should be used wisely to live a quality life.

If we keep things in check then we can save our generation from getting into the troubles that are associated with the internet. We can just easily benefit through it if we use it the right way.

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