Top 100 Christian Baby Girl Names in the USA

There are many tasks on your to-do list while you prepare for your child’s birth. But choosing a name for your new child is among the most crucial tasks you’ll have throughout this period. There are countless choices, ranging from modern names to uncommon ones. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 100 Christian baby girl names in the USA for your quest for the newest and most popular baby names. For your young one to remember that she is treasured, cherished, and wonderful, here is a list of our favourite Biblical names and their meanings.


Name Aasta is a girl’s name of Norwegian and Old Norse origin, meaning love. 


Adah originates from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament meaning “adornment” or “ornament”.


Adriel means “belonging to God” or “a disciple of God” in Hebrew. So its meaning is “God’s flock.”


The Hebrew word (annh or Chanah) for “grace” or “favour” is where we get the name, Anna. So the name Anna means “the year’s cycle”.


Addilyn, a contemporary take on Adeline, is becoming more popular among parents meaning a Noble person.


The name Adley is of Hebrew origin and is gender-neutral. Stems from the Old Testament and ancient Hebrew names, meaning “God is just.”


Agnes is a Greek baby girl’s name meaning “pure, virginal.”


In Latin, the name Amanda is a girl’s name that means “she must be adored.” Even though Amanda may not be the most well-known girl’s name in her class anymore, she is still one of the most attractive and has a nice meaning.


German origin, the name Alice is a classic for girls and means “noble” and “exalted.” Since the beginning, the name Alice has touched people’s hearts, but now it is so beloved that parents struggle against society’s expectations! 


The Hebrew word “Bāśəmáṯ” which means “sweet-smelling,” is where this name originates. Given that it means “Fragrant” or “Perfumed,” Bashemath is a charming name for your daughter.


Bela is a Slavic word that means “white” and signifies “noble bright” and “noble shining” (from Adalbert). 


The meaning of the Greek baby girl’s name Bernice is “she who delivers victory.”

Bernice is a biblical name of Greek origin that is no longer commonly used. 


Britta originates in Europe and is most likely a translation of the English name Brittany, which means “from Britain.” 


Benny originated from a Latin word that means “fortunate.” In the Bible, the name Ben or Benjamin means “son” or “child of my old age”. 


A strong female name with Gaelic origin, Bridget. It conjures images of strong ladies because it is a variant of the Irish name Brigid.


Brielle, who was given the name Gabrielle in Hebrew, means “heroine of God.” 


Britta derives from the Scandinavian language and means “exalted”. 


Beulah is a female given a Hebrew origin name meaning “married.”  


The meaning of the girl’s name Blythe, which is of English origin, is “happy, carefree.”


Camila is a female name that has Portuguese ancestry. It is derived from “Camillus,” which means “religious attendant” in Latin.


In Latin, the name Candace is a girl’s name that means “white, pure, truthful.” 


The meanings of the gender-neutral Hebrew name Carmel include “garden,” “orchard,” and “vineyards of God.”


Greek in origin, the abbreviated form of Callista is Calla, a name for girls that means “beautiful.” This sweet name, which last appeared on popularity rankings in the late 19th century, is exceptional for a kid with an unusual soul. 


The meaning of the name Cady is Pure, and it is predominantly a girl name of American origin. 


Greek-inspired girl’s name Cassandra means “shining or outstanding man.” 


Greek in origin, the name Cynthia means “from Mount Kynthos.”


A female name with Slavic roots, Danica means “dawn star” or “Venus.” 


One of the flower names that reemerged after a century of hibernation is Daisy, which is young, healthy, and vivacious. 


Demi a name of French origin that is gender-neutral and means “half” or “little”.


Diana is a name with Indo-European, Latin, and Greek roots that means “divine.”


Delilah is a historical name with Arabic and Hebrew roots. The name is a delicate one.


Dove is a female name that has British roots. The dove is a potent symbol of peace and a lovely bird with various hues.


The primary meaning of the gender-neutral Hebrew name Elisha is “God Is My Salvation.”


Greek ancestry gives the name Elora to a female. However, this gleaming and vivacious name has Hebrew roots and is translated from Greek as “God is my brightness.”


Ember is a British girl’s name that means “spark” or “burning low”. 


The name Elizabeth is a Hebrew-based biblical name. Its earliest references can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible, where it is translated into Hebrew as “God is my oath.”


The meaning of the Greek baby girl name Eunice is “victory.” 


Eden’s name means “a land of joy and enjoyment.” It is a name with biblical and Hebrew origins.


The French name Faye, which means “loyalty” or “believing,” is an attractive and straightforward choice.


English-born feminine name Faith means “trust” or “devotion.” One of the more straightforward virtue names popularized by the Puritans in the seventeenth century is faith, and many parents continue to use it as a symbol of their strong religious beliefs.


The lovely feminine name Fleur is of French origin. Despite the name’s association with power and resiliency, the name’s meaning of “flower” emphasizes delicacy.


Felicity is a girl’s name with Latin roots that mean “good fortune, pleasant.” 


Fidelia is derived from the Latin word Fides, which means faith. It shares an origin with the phrase faithfulness in English.


The French meaning of the name Gabrielle is “God is my strength.” Various iterations are well-liked in Europe.


Gianna is a girl’s name with Hebrew and Italian roots that means “God is generous.”


The term “God’s grace” inspired the name Grace, which is of Latin origin. 


Gloria sounds much more dated than Glory, which is more upbeat and new (feeling the stirrings of a revival, though some might still view it as a terminal Old Lady name).


The name Hannah is of Hebrew origin for girls. It is a slang term for Channah, which means “favour” or “grace.”


Hebrew in origin, the name Hadassah translates to “myrtle tree”. The myrtle tree represents harmony, love, and wealth symbolically.


In Hebrew, the name Hagar is generally given to females and means “flight” or “forsaken.”


Hazelelponi comes from Hebrew origin. The name Hazelelponi means “shadowed woman.”


Hebrew is the origin of the name Hodesh. The name translates as “born on the new moon.”


Harlyn is a name to watch because it has a sweet name and a trendy aesthetic. Its origin is English.


The Hebrew meaning of the name Haggith is “One who rejoices,” “festive,” and “The dancer.”


Greek girl’s name Helena means “shining light.” It offers an old-fashioned feel with a youthful sound that is skillfully balanced.


Ina is a name with numerous origins that is gender-neutral. The meanings of the adorable and unique baby name Ina are “to entertain” and “home,” giving it a distinct identity.


Scottish girls are given the name Isla, which comes from the name of an island off Scotland’s coast by the same name.


Ivah is generally a female Hebrew name with the meaning “overturning.”


Elizabeth, derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “devoted to God”, is also known as Isabella in Italian and Spanish.


The meaning of name Jael, which is of Hebrew origin and means Wild Mountain Goat, is primarily female.


The adaptive, decisive nature of the German female name Joslyn is what best characterizes it. 


Jemimah is a spelling variant of the Hebrew-derived feminine name Jemima. It is a dovish name.


Julia is a Latin-based girl’s name meaning “youthful” or “Jove’s kid”. 


The name Jennifer is usually a feminine English name, meaning “fair, soft.”


The feminine name Keturah is of Hebrew origin. With its literal meaning of “incense, scent,” this name is sure to stimulate all the senses and serve as a constant reminder to a baby of what a lovely bouquet of joy they are.


Kaia is mostly a Scandinavian girl’s given name. Kaia is the diminutive of Katherine and means “pure.”


Keziah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means “cassia tree,” a spice with a lovely aroma.


Lilith, meaning “belonging to the night,” comes from the Akkadian word lilîtu, the feminine form of a word meaning “devil” or “spirit.”


Greek ancestry gives the name Lois to a female. Lois has enormous status and power because of its importance in popular culture. Indicating “best” and “excellent.”


The meaning of the girl’s name Martha is “lady”, and it has Aramaic origins.


The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl’s name Mary is “drop of the sea, bitter, or adored.” Over the past century, Mary has been the most popular female name in the US.


The feminine name Myra has English and Greek roots. Fulke Greville, a poet, gave this name its known meaning of “myrrh.”


Naomi is a female given a Hebrew origin name meaning “pleasantness”.


The Hebrew name Neriah, which means “light of Jehovah,” is used both for girls and boys.


The Hebrew name Noah, which means “rest, relaxation,” is used both for boys and girls.


The French name Natalie is a translation of the Latin name Natalia, which initially meant “birthday of the Lord.”


The origin of the name Nevaeh is genuinely unique. The meaning of the American girl’s name Nevaeh is “heaven.”


Oprah, which means gazelle in Hebrew, is primarily a female name.


Oliver’s feminine counterpart, Olivia, is a Latin name that means “olive tree.” The name Olivia first appears in records in 13th-century England.


Patience is a Latin-derived baby girl name. Unlike Hope, Faith, or even Charity, patience is a passive virtue that has evolved into an intriguing moniker.


Persis is a feminine name of Greek origin. The name means “from Persia” or “Persian woman” and is widely used for little girls born into the Christian faith. 


Latin in origin, Priscilla is a name for a woman. With its meaning of “ancient” or “venerable,” this name may provide baby room to develop into it.


The Hebrew word rāchēl, which means “ewe,” is the root of the name Rachel, which is also of Hebrew origin.


A gorgeous floral name that differs from names like Daisy, Lily, and Jasmine, Rhoda is a feminine title of Greek and Latin roots, meaning “rose” and “from Rhodes.” 


The origins of the unusual girl’s name, Rayna, span several languages and cultures. Its meaning when of Scandinavian descent is “advice” or “song.”


Sophia is a traditional Greek name that means “knowledge,” and it exudes sophistication and beauty. 


Susanna is a girl’s name with Hebrew roots that means “lily.” Given Susan’s recent overabundance of popularity, Susanna is an illustrious but underappreciated name that is unquestionably overdue for a revival.


Greek in origin, Selena is a female given name that means “the moon.” The word sélas, which means “bright,” is the root of this lovely, heavenly name.


Scarlett is an English baby girl name that means “scarlet, red.” Both literary greats and movie stars have adopted the name Scarlett as a symbol of passion and creativity.


The female given name Tabitha is of Aramaic origin and means “gazelle” or “gracious.” Aramaic is closely tied to Hebrew and was the predominant language of Syria circa the 6th century.


In Hebrew, the name Timnah is predominantly feminine and signifies restraint.


Tamara is a girl’s name with Hebrew roots that means “date palm tree.” This charming nickname serves as a representation of the beauty and fruitfulness of this tree is known for.


Tessa is a girl’s name with Greek roots that means “to reap, to gather.”


The meaning of the name Velda, which is predominantly a female name of American descent, is “powerful ruler.”


Latin in origin, Valentina is a girl’s given name. It has the same meaning as Valentine’s but is feminine and denotes strength or health.


The meaning of the girl’s name Winsome, which is of English origin, is “agreeable, lively.”


Zemira is a masculine name that is also used for baby girls. Hebrew is the language of both creation and uses for Zemira. Zemira means “song.”


The name Zuri is of Swahili origin for girls. This name, which only means “lovely,” is intended for that adorable little bundle who will soon enter your life and completely transform it.


The name Ziva is of Hebrew origin for girls. Its etymology is “Ziv,” which means “radiance” or “light of God.”


The meaning of the Greek baby girl’s name Zoey is “life.” Zoey is a modern spelling variation of Zoe, the Greek Jewish translation of Eve.

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