Trending and Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names

The names that we choose are always the identity that the person lives with. Everyone tries to find a name that they think is the most appropriate for their baby boy or girl.

You should always look for names that are good both in meaning and pronunciation. In this article, we are going to be talking about some unique girl names for Hindu baby girls and see what else comes with them.

If you are looking for Hindu names then this would be the right place to look for a unique girl name to give to your little angel.

AaliaThe first name that we are going to mention is Aalia. The name Aalia comes from the male name Aali which means exalted. This name is also fairly popular because of Indian actress Aalia Bhatt.

AarnaThe name Aarna is one name that comes from Sanskrit and it is also associated with the Goddess Lakshmi. The meaning of the name Aarna is stream or wave.

Banditaif you are somebody who is actually finding one of the most unique girl names then this one can be the one. The meaning of the name Bandita is blessed or adored.

Bhriti: Bhriti again is a very popular name among Indians as it comes from Sanskrit. The meaning of this name is nourishment. 

ChakrikaThe name that we are talking about now is Chakrika which basically is used for the reference of Lord Vishnu as well as the Indian Goddess Lakshmi. The meaning of this name is Circular.

CharitaCharita is the next unique girl name that we are going to mention. Charita basically is the name that is the derivation of the other name charitharth. The meaning of this name is rightfully or accomplished.

Daminiif you think names have an impact on the personality then you can go for this name. The name Damini means self-controlled or strong.

Dayamai: the next name is Dayamai which we think again is one of the most unique names from the Indian background. The origin of this name is Sanskrit and this means merciful. 

EeshaThe name Eesha is used for the Hindu Goddess Parvati and is a definite association with her. The name Eesha means choice or beloved too.

Ekani: the name Ekani is extremely unique and we are sure even you have not heard about this name. The name Ekani means oneness or unity. This unique name will be perfect for your unique baby girl. Also, if you are somebody who is looking for more such names you can look for Unique baby names and meanings for Hindu girlsit will help you in finding more such names.

FalguniFalguni is the name that all the 90’s babies must know about because of the famous Indian singer Falguni Pathak. This name is very unique but the meaning of also very unique. Falguni means someone who was born in Falgun month. In the Indian calendar, Falgun is known to be the 11th month.

Falakthe next name that we are going to mention is Falak. The name Falak comes from the Urdu language but is extremely popular among Indians. The name Falak means sky.

Gangotriif you are somebody who is more on the traditional side then you can choose this really traditional name which is Gangotri. Gangotri is the name that comes from the Ganga river. this name also means the same.

Gargithe next name that we are mentioning is an ancient name but because it is really unique you can think of opting for this name. The name Gargi does not have a proper meaning but it reflects the culture of India.

HamsikaHamsika is the name that holds a lot of importance for Hindus because it is known to be the epithet of their Goddess Saraswati. The meaning of this name is Goddess of a swan.

HarishaHarisha is the name that is derived from the other name Harish. The meaning of this really cute and sweet name is happiness. The happiness will surely reflect in your little one if you choose this name for her.

Ilaif you are looking for a name that is really short and cute then this one and the next one is the right choice for you. Ila is a short and cute name that means Earth.

Inathe next name that we are going to talk about is again very short and really cute. The name Ina comes from Sanskrit again and the name means bold and strong.

JaanviJaanvi is again an Indian name that is very popular and it comes with different spelling variations like Jhanvi, Jahanvi, etc. this name is also used for Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Ganga. This name means a very bright person.

Jagrutithe name Jagruti is a name that comes from Sanskrit and it comes with other spellings Jagrati. The meaning of this name Jagrati is awareness.

KajalWhen we talk about names that are evergreen and that are never going to go anywhere then we need to include Kajal in them. The meaning of the name Kajal is Kohl.

KamalaKamala is the next name that we would like to mention because it means excellent or exceptional. If you are looking forward to making your kid exceptional then you can go for this name without thinking twice.

Also, if you are looking for names outside of Hindu origin then you can look for cute and modern Irish baby names and find more names that might suit your choice. This will make for a great idea for other names. 

JuhiThe last name that we are going to talk about is Juhi. We are mentioning this name because it is one of the most popular names because of the most popular actress Juhi Chawla. The name Juhi actually is the Hindi version of the Jasmine flower.

These are all the names that you can choose from for your kid and make them happy as they grow up. These names will make up for a great choice for sure.

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