Unique Baby Names and Meanings for Hindu Girls

When we talk about the essential duties that come with being parents then there are a few that immediately come to your mind that includes naming your kid.

Unique Hindu Baby Names for Girls and Meanings

Naming your children is a very important job to perform and you should always do it with extreme thinking and care because it is going to stay with them all their lives.

People usually do not really think about naming their kids, and they choose to give names to their kids that they think sound good or sound familiar which is wrong.

When you do this, you are basically doing injustice to your kid because they will have to tolerate that name for their whole lives.

Always choose names that are meaningful and have good and easy pronunciations. For that purpose, you can also search most popular and unique baby girl names with meanings.

The name that can be thought to be a perfect one is that includes a very easy pronunciation. That has a good meaning and that has easy spellings.

These are some of the qualities that should be in a name. Now, in this article, we will get to know about some of the unique Hindu baby girls’ names.

Hindu Baby Girl Names:

Aadhya: the first name that we are going to mention in this list of unique Hindu baby girl names is the name Aadhya. The meaning of this cute name is the reason why we are mentioning it at number one.

Meaning: The meaning of this very cute and very popular name is also very unique because this name means first power. You must know by now that why we chose to put this name on first.

Aditi: Now, when we talk about the Hindu baby girl names that are very unique, yet they are extremely popular then we need to mention this name, Aditi. This is one name that you will get to hear a lot in the Indians.

Meaning: The meaning of this lovely name, and also the extremely popular name Aditi is not just one but this name consists of a lot of different meanings that are liberty, mother of Gods, creativity, and perfection.

If you believe that naming has an impact on babies, then you can definitely choose this name because it comes with not a single but a lot of different pretty meanings.

Bhagyawati: We know that there are always some specific names from some specific cultures that scream their origin or their religion.

This name Bhagyawati is one of those names that screams that it comes from the Hindu background. This again is a popular and cute name but is slightly difficult in pronunciation.

Meaning: The meaning of this Hindu baby girl name Bhagyawati is lucky. So, all in all, it is a good name for your cute little angel baby.

If you are looking for more names, you can definitely search for the Top 100 baby names for your little girl.

Divya: Now, again when we discuss the names that are extremely popular among Hindus and are given to every other girl there, then we would definitely mention the name Divya. It again is a very popular name for the girl in Hindus but with that, this name is also very unique.

Meaning: The meaning of this popular and pretty Indian name is divine that also is pretty similar to the name. This name also has one other meaning that is divine luster. You can surely give this name to your daughter.

Falak: There are some names that are neutral, and they are also used in different religions, and they do not really give an idea of where these names are coming from.

This name Falak is also one of those names that are used in different cultures and religions. But with that being said, this name is also very unique so you can definitely go for this name for your girl.

Meaning: The meaning of this very unique and very beautiful Hindu baby girl name is fearless and brave. You can opt for this name if you want. Also, you can search for the top 100 Hindu names for your baby girl.

Ira: There are always people who are looking for names that are very short are very cute, and also have good meanings because they do not want to complicate it for their children.

Ira is one name that this kind of parent definitely opt for because this name is short, is very cute, and also comes with a really good meaning.

Meaning: The meaning of this cute Hindu baby girl name Ira is again not a single one rather it comes with multiple meanings. The meanings of this name are a woman of Magdala, united, noble, and a devoted one.

Jasmine: Because we are mentioning the names of cute little angels it is not possible for us to not mention our personal favorite name in this list.

The name that we love so much and that is for Hindu baby girls is the name, Jasmine. This is a very unique and such a cute name.

Meaning: The meaning of this name is as unique as the name and it is a climbing plant that is famous as ornamental. If you love this name just like us, definitely give it a thought.

Kiara: The last must to mention the name in this list is the name, Kiara. This again is a very unique name but it is also very popular among Hindus.

Meaning: The meaning of this name Kiara is Dusky, dark-haired, or a little black one.

As we know that Hindus also check the Rashi of the names because they have a strong faith in it so if you are someone who also wants to know about what it is and about its importance you can check Rashi in Hindu names and its importance.

These were some of the name suggestions that you can give to your baby girl if you like and can definitely make them happy as they grow up.

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