What Are Baby Names That Mean Fire?

Naming your kid is a tough job just like anything that is related to the babies because being parents there are a lot of happy burdens that you have to carry on your shoulders.

What Are Baby Names That Mean Fire?

When you become parents there are so many things that are constantly running in your mind and all of them are easy yet very difficult jobs that you have to perform without getting paid.

This is exactly what makes you a good parent and the payment for that is just the love that you get back from your kids.

When the baby is born, after making sure that your kid is doing well and he does not have any problems related to his health, you take a sigh of relief and just the next moment it is all gone because you start to worry about what you will name your kid.

If you are an Arab, you can look for what are the most common Arab names and can name your kid according to that and that is how it goes for all different cultures and countries.

Even though it is not taken very seriously, and it does not seem very difficult but naming your kids right is very important and it is just equally as tough.

In this article, we will get to know about names that mean fire because that is quite popular, and it definitely needs some attention.

We will tell you some boys and some girl’s names in this article that mean fire and we will tell you why they are good names.

Names That Mean Fire:

In this decade all those names that mean fire have literally been too famous and that is why you are here reading this article because we know you want the same name.

It is a category which is not only specified to some specific time, but it has all names that can both be ancient and modern, and you can choose according to that.

You can look for the top 100 baby names and that would be great because there are going to be a lot of options for you.

When it comes to naming your kid, you are always confused if you should choose the name that is unique or the name that is popular. So, why not something that is unique and popular?

When we talk about symbolic representation and as we are looking for the names that mean fire, we will look into what this actually means.

Fire basically is the sign that is associated or attached to the warmth, passion, inspiration, hope, and most importantly the energy that comes through it.

There are some names that have a very spiritual connection with the fire and that is why you will definitely see some of those names mentioned in the names below.

We know that people do not necessarily believe it but even though names do not make or break the personality of your kid but they always have some sort of impact on them so you should always choose wisely.

If your kid has a name that is very unique and popular and along with that it also has a great meaning, then it is definitely going to build a lot of confidence in your kid and that is how he will be impacted by it.

Your kid is also going to get to the internet in the future and we know that there is so much influence of the internet on children so always be careful and mindful about what you are naming your kid because he is going to ask you questions about that.

Boy Names That Mean Fire:


The first name that means the fire is Adar. It is the name of one of the months in the calendar used by the Jews. It is a laid-back name, but you can pay a lot of respect to the Jews by using this name if you are a Jew.


The second name that we are going to discuss is the name blaze. The meaning of this name is to burn with a bright flame, and it is suitable for boys if you are finding a name that has a good meaning.


One of my personal favorite names from this list is going to be Nuri. This is the name that has an Arabic origin and the meaning of this name is light or fire.

It is more famous in the middle east as compared to the western world but there are chances that it will gain popularity in the next few years.


The fourth and final name in the boy’s category is the name Surya. It is of Hindu origin and it means sun God.

It is a very nice name and can be used for your son if you belong to a Hindu community.

Girls Names That Mean Fire:

Now we are going to discuss some of the girl’s names that mean fire. You can also search the top 10 arabic girls’ names if you are looking for a name.


The first name is Aalish and it has a Persian origin. The meaning of this name is flame. This name can be used by anybody but because of its sound, it can be used by the people in the US.

This is one of the very rare names that we have heard by far.


The next name in the girl’s category is the name Helia which comes from a Greek origin and the meaning of this name is the sun.

It is a very beautiful name and can be used for your beautiful baby girl for her to shine like the flames forever.


The last name that comes in this category is the name Souzan. Suzan is a name that again comes from the Persian background and it means extremely hot or on fire

There are some other meanings for this name as well like passionate or enthusiastic and this name can be given to your baby girl to be enthusiastic as her name defines.


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