What are Pretty Jewish Girl’s names? 

When we talk about names, it is the first thing we get to know about someone. It creates an image of a person or builds a certain aura of a person standing in front of us. Name is an identity, a sense of belonging, and a memory with positive and negative existence. 

There are different types of names with cultural, religious, and traditional values. Jewish names are one of the categories, and it comes under the religious name classification. The strings of Jewish history are connected with Hebrew origin because most of the Pretty Jewish Girl’s Names are of Hebrew origin. 

Providing a name, or giving a certain connection to your newborn is a prime responsibility of parents. If you are from a Jewish family or have an interest in Jewish names, read this article. In this article we will give you insight into Pretty Jewish Girls Names, to help you in the act of giving meaningful names to your baby girl.

Hanah (Favor, grace)

Hannah is an ancient Hebrew name, and the meaning of Hannah is Favour or Grace. It is a beautiful name with Biblical significance and cultural references. It is a short name and is easy to pronounce. The best thing about this name is its meaning because girls are full of grace and the name Hannah represents grace with beauty.

Tamar (Dats)

Tamar is a different and not-so-common Jewish name. The best thing about this name is its individuation and pronunciation. Tamar is a Hebrew word, and it represents Date Palm. As the Date Palm is strong, the name Tamar represents determination and Strength. The meaning of Tamar is derived from Date Palm and is a beautiful name to give your girls. 

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Zipporah(Little bird)

Zipporah is a name with cultural significance. The meaning of Zipporah is little bird, and it has a cultural connection with the lady Zipporah. According to history, Zipporah is a Biblical figure and was the wife of the great leader Mosses. It is a significant name and is a symbol of bravery, strength, and ability to face challenges.

Sarah( PureHappyPrincess)

Sarah is a beautiful Jewish name, and the meaning of Sarah holds popularity. In Hebrew history, Sarah was the wife of the great leader Abraham, and there is a lot of talk about her in the bible. When it comes to the meaning of Sarah, it presents a noble lady with elevated status. She is also called a princess, or a lady with noble values and code of conduct. 

Avigail (My father’s delight)

Avigail is a beautiful baby girl and it purely represents intelligence, smartness, and a sense of wisdom. The true meaning of the name Avigail is Father’s Joy, and it also has Biblical origin. In history. Avigail was a lady with wisdom and diplomatic intervention, and people remember her as an intelligent lady. If you want to give a meaningful, and beautiful Jewish name to your smart girl, choose Avigail without thinking twice.

Eliana (A feminine form of elisha)

Eliana is a pleasant name, and the meaning of this name is also pleasant for the ears. The word Eliana reflects divine blessings and is a beautiful name to give your daughters. The true meaning of the word Eliana is God has Answered and it consists of two elements. One of them is My God, and the other is Answered Prayer. It is a name of Spanish and Italian origin, and Jewish people use it for their baby girls for its spiritual connotations.


Sarai is a short Jewish name, derived from the word Sarah. It is another version of Sarah, but is beautiful and unique on its own. The meaning of Sarai is a noblewoman and is named after Princess Sarah who played a significant role in history. To pay her gratitude, Jewish people love to name their baby girls Sarai, to honor her faith and her beloved presence in Jewish history. 

Aviva (Springtime)

Aviva is a name that represents freshness, and a sense of calmness. It is a short name, but the aurora of this name is pleasant, and all about being youthful and full of life. The true meaning of Aviva is spring or springtime. It is a symbol of beauty, joy, youth, new beginnings, and growth time. You can give this ever-fresh name to your beautiful girls as a reflection of vibrant beauty and spring around you.

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Miriam( Bitter)

Miriam is a Jewish name, and it holds religious importance. It was the name of the sister of Moses in the Bible, one of the significant ladies in the history of Jews. The meaning of the word Miriam is someone who is rebellious or a sea of bitterness. It is a strong name, and so is its meaning. For the love of Miriam, Jewish people give this name to their daughters to pay gratitude for her bravery, leadership qualities, and strength.


Zahava is a precious baby girl’s name, and so is its meaning. The word Zahava represents timeless beauty and a sense of splendor. Zahava is a Hebrew word, and its meaning is Gold. It is a name that depicts importance, or being precious among a group of stones. Just like Gold, it is a name associated with value, treasured, beloved and precious.


Naomi is the symbol of sweetness and is a universal beautiful name for girls. The word Naomi means delightful and its roots are connected with a Biblical figure, the mother-in-law of Ruth, a popular leader in Jewish history. The name Naomi has traveled from one generation to another and is still a popular name with timeless relevance in all generations. It is a beautiful name that reflects positivity, kindness, and redemption.

Dalia(Dahlia, flower a branch, to draw water)

Dalia is a popular Jewish name, and it reflects two different emotions at one time. One is strength and the other is kindness. The true meaning of Dalia is Gentle and it is also a symbol of uprising, growth, or branch. Dalia is also a name flower with diverse colors and vibrant energy.

Liora(Old name with many variants)

Liora is a beautiful name, and it means I have light, or I hold radiance. It is a Jewish name with positive energy, profound meaning, and spiritual significance. You can give this beautiful and unique name to your baby girls for a positive impact on their lives. All the Jewish names hold significance, a sense of existence, and energy with them. It is up to you to choose the best name among them for your baby girls. 

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