Famous Celebrity Names like Nathan Kress That Can Be Used for Kids?

When the baby comes into this world people are often looking for names that are either famous or are used by famous people.

Famous Celebrity Names like Nathan Kress That Can Be Used for Kids?

They try to find out names that are pretty but are also used by celebrities so that they can use these names for their kids.

With that, some people are looking for more simple names. These people can easily search for things like the top 100 baby names.

But in this article, we are going to talk about the names used by the celebrities and that you can use for your kids easily.

Nathan Kress:

Now, because we have mentioned one of the biggest celebrity names Nathan Kress, we would like to get into more details of this name.

Nathan the pronunciation of NAY-thuhn is a widely used name for males in states like France and Europe. The name Nathan got popularity when the famous Kings of revolutionary wars came under the spotlight.

The biblical prophet Nathan and the superhero Nathan Hale were the two popular faces with this name, and people remember the name Nathan because of them.

What does Nathan mean?

Nathan is a traditional name of boys because the meaning of this name is linked with the personality of males. The word Nathan means Gift of God or He Gave.

The term Nathan is a Greek form of a Hebrew name called Netan’el. And it refers to a child sent as a gift from God. The meaning of Nathan is special, because it represents someone as a true present, implying that God is the only one that gives.

Origin of Nathan

Nathan is a popular name in Europe, and the origin of this name has some association with English, Jewish and Greek history. The name was discovered in Tankakh, a famous Hebrew Bible.

In this book, it was the name of a guy from the famous tribe of Issachar. Nathaniel was the name, and he was the son of Zuar, the leader of the tribe.

The word Nathan is a derivation of a Hebrew verb that means gave. It refers to the person sent as a gift from God or someone at a giving hand.

It was not a common name in Non-Jews, but on the other hand, Jews were familiar with this name. If you are looking for more Jewish names you can look for what are some Jewish girl names

Nathan is a name that never goes out of trend. People found it a trendy and stylish name so, they don’t mind giving it to their newborn baby boys.

There are a lot of celebrities that popped out with the name Nathan. And it shows the popularity of this name even in the entertainment industry.

Not just the entertainment industry but the food industry is also fond of this name, and the famous Nathan Hot Dogs are its living example.


Olivia is also a celebrity-inspired name and people used it as the name for their kids. It is a girl’s name and is inspired by two famous actresses who served the entertainment industry in different roles.

One of the lady Olivia Wilde is a famous female lead actress who also turned into a director. The other famous celebrity Olivia Rodrigo is a singer and actress at the same time.


Mila is a name that got famous from a celebrity Mila Kunis, who got popular for voicing Meg Griffin from Family Guy. The meaning of her name is miracles or someone who is gracious.

It is a popular girl name and is a perfect name to give your baby girl.


It is one of our favorite girl names and people love giving this name to their baby girls. The word Scarlett is of an English origin, and the name got famous after the popularity of Scarlett Johnson who got starred in the Marvel superhero series.

The word Scarlett means red and it is an all-time favorite baby girl name. If you are looking for cute girl names then you can look for the most popular and unique baby girl names with meanings?


Lincoln is a famous baby boy name and it is an all-time favorite name. It is a celebrity-inspired name and the credit for it goes to Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Lincoln.

The word Lincoln is a surname used by people of old English Origin. And this surname has some connection with the city of London Lincoln. It is a cool name that you can use for your kids.


The next name that we are going to talk about is Beckham which does not really need any introduction but we would just like to talk about it a little bit.

This name got really famous after the most famous actor David Beckham. He is an extremely famous celebrity and people love to give this name to their children.

This is the name that was generated from one old name Becka. This is the old English name and this name generated Beckham.

The meaning of this whole name is Pickaxe homestead. You can definitely use this name for your baby boy.


The last name that we are going to talk about is a very pretty name with a literal meaning. Halle is the name that became really famous because of Halle Berry.

This is the name that you can use for your baby girls if you are looking for female celebrity names. Not just that but the meaning justifies it completely.

The meaning of this name Halle is Heroine. So, the name of a celebrity with this meaning is just perfect.

It comes from Hebrew origin. For more Hebrew names you can look for the top 10 Hebrew baby girl names.

These are some of the names of the famous celebrities that you can use for your babies. You can choose whatever name you liked the most.

If you like to choose from the names that are famous then this is going to be a perfect name suggestion list for you.

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