9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Muslim Baby Name

When you are selecting a name for your kid there are a lot of things that you have to look into. Out of all of them, we will mention 14 things that you specifically need to consider when you are choosing a Muslim baby name. There are certain things that you have to follow when you are choosing names for Muslims. You need to be careful about a lot of things.

Should only be Islamic:

When you are selecting a Muslim baby name, you need to see if the name is Islamic or not. By Islamic, we do not necessarily mean that it should be from the Holy Quran. Rather it means that it is according to the rules of Islam. The name should follow what Islam tells us about choosing the correct name. For example, a name that has a good meaning does not follow any false personality, etc.

Choosing Allah’s names that are for Him only:

The second very big mistake that Muslims usually make is that they choose names that are the attributes of Allah. They do not do it intentionally but rather with good intentions but they are wrong. For example one of the attributes of Allah is Khaliq which means the creator. This name should not be given to anybody because this name only belongs to Allah. Similarly, a lot of people like to choose names like Ahad which again turns out to be wrong. Always be careful about these things.

Names of false Gods:

Muslims do not preferably do so but in countries where there are fewer Muslims and more people from other religions this might happen. For example, in India, there are mostly Hindus and Muslims are a minority. In such countries, there might be chances that you choose a name used for any false God. This is one of the big sins that Muslims can make. When you are choosing a unique Muslim baby name, make sure you check all of its details or it can turn out to be wrong.

Names that are disliked in Islam:

There are a lot of names that we like to choose and are somehow Islamic but what we do not know is they might be disliked in Islam. This does not only mean the names are only from Hindus or other religions. If you have any specific singer in your country that everybody likes and you deliberately choose that name it can be a sin. Other names that are disliked in Islam are Barakah, Nafi, and Yassar. It would just be right if you do not at all choose any such names.

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Names of disbelievers: 

Of all the other things that are prohibited when choosing a name, one of the most common ones is to choose the name of disbelievers. Yes, you read that right. This does not only mean choosing names of false Gods but also those names that belong to disbelievers. You cannot choose names that are used by other religions and mean according to them. If you intentionally choose the names of disbelievers you would surely be sinful.

Names that only fit Prophets:

Coming to the next point, we would like to say that about names we do not know a lot. We often tend to choose names that are prohibited and we think we did a good thing. One such example is the point that we are going to mention now. There are a lot of people who choose names that are from Prophets. Unknowingly we also choose names that only fit Prophets. If you choose names that are only for the prophets, they will end up as the wrong name for you. If you wish to choose a prophetic name, always go into deeper details. If you find out it is not wrong to choose it, go for it. One such example is Sayyid Al-Naas.

Names with bad meanings:

We have all gone so much into the race of choosing a unique name that now we overlook a lot of other things. One such thing that people have started to ignore so much is the meaning. When we are choosing a name we only look for beautification. For example, we will see if it is cute, unique, etc. but we will not look if it also means right or not. When you are choosing a Muslim baby name you have to look for the meaning. If you think the meaning is inappropriate, drop the name immediately. But if you find the right meaning, you can easily choose it.

Names of the animals:

You will surely think who chooses the name of an animal for a baby, right? Let us explain that to you. You might not know if you actually choosing a name of an animal but chances are you might do. For example, some of the animal names that can be chosen by mistake are Kalb which means dog, or Himar which is literally a donkey. You cannot choose these names no matter what.

Choose names with good qualities:

The last thing that we would like to say is that always choose names that come with good qualities. Names that have good meanings, and are also easy on the tongue. Always try to be very considerate when you are selecting your baby’s name. if you are still in search of a beautiful yet unique name for your kiddo you can also look for different beautiful baby names with their meanings. You can then choose any name that you like.


There are a lot of big and small things that you need to be careful about when you are selecting a name. These things should be considered so that you do not go in the wrong direction. Always dig deep when you are naming your baby so you do not end up choosing the wrong name.

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