Trending Muslim Names in Pakistan And India During 2016

Choosing a suitable and befitting name for your baby, sometimes prove to be an uphill task; as the name stays with an individual forever thus influencing and reflecting his whole personality. But as mentioned earlier, at our objective is to facilitate your search.
For this one reason we have collected as many names as possible, or it can be said maximum possible names from different faiths, cultures and origins are gathered at this platform.

Islamic Names trending 2016

Here, on this page, we are introducing Muslim baby names which are traditional but are still popular in India during 2016. One amazing aspect of Islamic names is that some traditional names are similar to Christianity and Judaism.

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism is based on the basic belief of ‘one God’; and the people of this faith attach special respect ad reverence to the names of prophets and other religious figures. For the believers of Islam, it is a matter of pride to give some of the traditional names to their babies even in 2016. These names have a wide range and variety as they can be the names of prophets, companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), warriors of Islam or even the attributes of Allah.

Most Muslim names are of Arabic origin and it is reinforced by the fact that Qur’an is also revealed in Arabic language. Since these names have a wide variety and range, therefore, on this website we grease the wheels of search by providing you with the top 15 old and traditional Islamic baby names which are still trending in 2016.

Trending Muslim Girls Names


This name is revered among Muslims a sit was the name of one of the daughters of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), thus making it still popular. The meaning of Fatima is “one who weans an infant or one who abstains”.

Different regions in the world may have different meanings and spellings but this name is equally popular everywhere and is considered model for women for the prity and respect attached to it.

People with this name are usually energetic, visionary, versatile and optimistic.


Aiza is an Islamic name with Arabic origin. Again it has different meanings and spellings in different regions. The name is also associated with daughter of Hazrat Ali (RA).

Popularly this name means “respected, noble and prospering”.


With Arabic origin, (but roots in Hebrew and Persian) this name has variety of spellings in different regions. According to Quran and Bible, this was the name Hazrat Esa (RA), thus given equal respect in both the faiths.

According to Hebrew sources Mariam means “bitter”, some other sources say it means “wished for child” while others believe it means “our lady”. No matter what different meanings it has, Mariam is a respectable name and associated with purity, honesty and devotion.

People with this name are usually leaders with powerful personalities, determined and creative.


Like any other name with Arabic origin or being part of history, Zainab also has varied spellings in various regions. This was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) daughter, a grand daughter and two wives, therefore, it is considered holy and very respectable among Muslims.

According to Arabic origin, Zainab is probably originated form “Zayn” which means “beauty” and it is also a name of fragrant flowering tree.

People with this name are usually are practical, competent, able to achieve success and wealth.


With varied spellings, the name Ayesha has Arabic origin. It was the name of one the wives of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH), who was also considered very intelligent.

The name Ayesha means “she who lives” and “womanly”

People with this name are usually adventurous, dynamic, visionary, versatile and intelligent.


The name Shazia has Arabic and Persian origin, it means “exotica” and “princes”.

People with this name are usually assertive, independent and friendly.

Trending Muslim Boys Names

1. ALI

One of the most popular Islamic baby names is Ali. This name has a special significance in Islamic history. It was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) cousin who later became his son in in law and fourth Caliph of Islam.

The meaning of Ali is “noble, high and exalted one”.

People with this name are usually are systematic, practical, brave with leadership skills.


With Arabic origin and varied spellings, Usman was the name of third caliph of Islam. He was famous for his generosity, charity, soft-heart and sincerity, therefore the same attributes are still associated with tis name.

The meaning of Usman is “young of a lark, a beautiful pen and the chosen one.”

People with this name are usually competent, practical and attain great wealth and power.


Muhammad is an Arabic name and it was the name of the last Prophet, therefore, it is a source of great respect and honour to have Muhammad as a name or part of the name.

The meaning of Muhammad is “praiseworthy and glorified”.

People with this name are usually are highly imaginative, adventurer, idealistic and spiritual.


Arabic origin, Imran was the name of a prophet.

Imran means “exalted nation”, although different regions may have variant of meaning and spellings.

People with this name are usually initiators with leadership skills and powerful personalities.


Again great respect is attached to this name in Islam. It was the name of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the first ‘moazan’.

Bilal means “chosen one, moistening and refreshing”.

People with this name are usually compassionate with magnetic personalities and romantic.


Ibrahim is the name of the prophet and equally respectable in the three major religions.

Ibrahim means “father of many nations”.

People with this name are usually are independent with great leadership skills.

So, here at we have given you the list of trending baby names in 2016 with Islamic background.

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