What Are Some Cool Names for Kids?

Naming is something that is very important for the kids and the parents always try to choose the best for their kids.

What Are Some Cool Names for Kids?

When you are selecting the names, you should always do extra research so that you choose the best names for your kids.

You should go for names that are easy to pronounce, have great meanings, and also have very easy spellings that your kids will love when they grow up.

Names do have a lot of impact on the personalities, and they some way or the other affect their nature too. Not everybody believes that, but it is somewhat true.

You can look for the top 100 baby names on Google and then choose whatever you want for them, with good meaning and pronunciations.

In this article, we will discuss some of the very cool names that you will love to choose for your kids.

Girls Names:


The first name in this list is the name Alessia which is extremely cool and is also considered one of the top famous names and also very popular.

This name is chosen by a lot of people in the west and is commonly used for girls. The origin of this name is Italian.

The meaning of this name is defending warriors. It is a great name to be chosen for the baby boys.


When we are talking about or mentioning the names that you can cool then we would really like to mention this name which is calynn.

This name is pretty popular with the Christians and they love to choose it for their girls. This name is loved by people all around the world.

The meaning of this name is powerful in battle. This meaning is great if you want to choose this name.


The next cute and cool name that is again a must to mention in this list is the name, Della. This is also a very famous name.

The origin of this name is German, and it is used by the Germans. The meaning of this name is noble, or the second meaning of this name is bright.

You can choose this name for your baby girl if you want because it is pretty much a perfect name.


This name again is a very cool name and it needs to be mentioned in the list of cool names too. This name has gained a lot of popularity in the previous years.

Avery comes from French origin, but it is used by people who belong to Christianity and some other religions of cultures too.

The meaning of the name Avery is wise which again is a cool and beautiful meaning. If you want to know more about this name you can look for what does the name Avery means for girls You will get a better idea by checking this out.


Moving away from the west and the English names, we are here to tell you about one of the most common and also one of the most famous Arabic names which are Farrah.

This name is widely used all around the world by Muslim families because that is the origin of this name.

The meaning of the name Farrah is happy. If you are someone who believes that names do have an impact on kids and if you want to make your kid jolly, then this name is a go-to name for you.

Boys Name:

Now we will discuss some cool boy’s names.


If you are someone who is looking for a name that is cool, is very unique, and is also very easy and convenient to pronounce then you are in the right spot because this name should be a go-to name for you.

Isaac is a very cool, very short, and also a very popular name. The origin of Isaac is Hebrew, and this name is commonly used by Christians for their baby boys.

Not just that but you can also look for the top 10 Hebrew boys’ names if you are looking for these names and want to search a little more.

The meaning of this name is ‘he will laugh’ which might sound a little weird to some people but it actually is a very cute name meaning and can be used for the boys easily.


Because we are talking about the really cool kids’ names and now we are onto the boy’s names, we would surely like to mention this name in this list.

This again is a very common and very popular boy name which is used by the English people. This name is common for boys as it states.

The meaning of the name Charlie is Free and it comes from English origin.


Now when we mention names that belong to the German origin and are also popular in the Germans then this name is a must to mention for sure.

If you search for it, you will find out that the name henry is considered to be one of the most popular names in Germans and they use this name a lot of their baby boys.

The meaning of the name Henry is the ruler of the household, and this name is also famous because it has been used by so many famous people and also in movies.


The last name that we would like to mention in this list is the name that comes of Arabic origin and is quite popular in the Arabs or Muslims all around the world.

Ibrahim is actually one of our personal favorite names and we would love to use it too. The meaning of the name Ibrahim is the father of many nations and it is also a variant of the name Ebrahim.

If you want to look for more Arabic names, you can search what are the most common Arab names and you will have a long list of the names.

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