Latest and new Indian baby boy names in 2020

Hinduism is the direction of existence more than a religion, and this religion is practiced in many countries, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh.  It is one of the oldest religions in the world. Hence it is also called Vedic Sanatana Dharma.


To maintain the feeling of their culture in life, often people prefer to choose the name of their children related to it.  As we know, our name becomes the basis of our life over time, so most parents want to keep their child’s name religious as well as unique, exposing their child to a different identity throughout their life.  If you’re looking for an Indian baby boy names for your newborn babies, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll give some trendy Indian babies names.

Getting know: 30 unique Indian baby boy names

New and unique names for boys While thinking of your child’s name, you may have found many options, your friends and relatives must have suggested some names, but you are looking for something different, right?  We know that you want to keep a unique name for your child, that’s why your search is still going on. On Hindu name, we have a comprehensive database of horoscopes of Hindu names in which you can find new Hindu names of girls and girls with beautiful meanings.

Here are 30 unique Indians babies name:


1 Aabha Glitter

 2 Aadarshin- Idealist

 3 Aahan – dawn

 4 Aahnayan – alive

 5 Aakarshan – Attractions

 6 Aakav – Shadow Picture

 7 Aakash – Lord sky

 8 Aakil – Wise

 9 Aalam – is a rule, king

 10 Aaleahya- sunshine

 11 Aalok – Divinity Light

 12 Aamin- Grace of Godhead

 13 Annan- Face

 14 Aandaleeb – Nightingale Bird

 15 Sanjay -invincible

 16 Arman – Desire.

 17 Aarth – PrayerOffering Way

 18 Aarush- First rays of the sun

 19 Aarush- first ray of sun

 20 Aashish – Blessing

 21 Aashkin -blessings

 22 Aasiman – Death Resurrection

 23 Kamadeva – Spirit of God

 24 Aatmik- soul

 25 Abhijit – born to the sea goddess Lakshmi

 26 Abha Vaibhav – Prakash

 27 Abharan – Jewel

 28 Abharikaman – is a halo above his head 

 29 Abhay – Fearless

30 Abhivandan – greetings with respect


Why you should know the name with meaning

It is said that the child will work according to the name of the work.  The impact of the name believed to affect our lives directly.  Sanatan Dharma is, therefore, one of the sixteen rites of Hindu naming.  Where else would people pay attention to this?  Those who say this also say that words matter more than names.  But it is also true that people have got wealth and fame due to the title.  Take the direct example of which Akshay Kumar.  Who changed their name for Wallywood.  Today they are players.  You must have understood by now. 

Naming ceremony in Hinduism

After the birth of the child, every parent intends to keep a meaningful name for their child.  So that the name of that child is famous as well as the name is popular among the people.  The naming ceremony is an integral religious process of Hinduism.  Name and parents can suggest anything related to it.  But in most cases, people prefer to go with the name indicated by astrology.  But on what basis do astrologers recommend this name? Have you ever thought about it?  If not, today we will tell what the benefit of keeping the name according to astrology is.

Astrologers say that if the name of the child is kept according to its zodiac and knowing the meaning of that name, then it is promising for the child.  In this case, the child will work according to his name.  Also, his nature will be by his name.  Astrologers say that the responsibility to name only according to the zodiac does not end.  The name must also have an exact meaning.  Otherwise, it can also hurt the child.  Due to the influence of the name, qualities and demerits are born in the child.  Hence the importance of the name increases even more.


How is the name kept according to the zodiac?

 For this, you have to have a little astrological understanding.  If you do not know much about astrology, we are still able to tell you how the name is placed according to the zodiac?  First of all, Jyotishacharya makes the horoscope based on the date and place of birth of the child.  After this, the child is born in which zodiac sign and the constellation is known, after which the name of the child is decided.  Let us tell you that there are a total of 27 constellations in astrology.  They all have four stages, as well.  The effect of the constellation changes according to the phase.  Along with this, every nakshatra also has a name letter, i.e., the notes on which the named.

Each zodiac sign has nine phases.  

Most astrologers will tell you the name of your child.  With this, if you want to keep the name of your choice, then astrology can also guide you for this.  Because almost people have one name according to the zodiac, then another one to call, but this does not mean that the other name does not correspond to the zodiac.  Jyotishacharya helps you with this.  With which you can keep your child’s name as per your mind.


Naming by date of birth

 Apart from the amount, the date of birth of the child can be calculated based on his radix.  It is also possible due to one mode of astrology.  This mode is known as numerology.  In this too, after finding out the radix of the numerology child, who is the lord planet of that radix?  What is the zodiac sign?  The name named on this basis.


Naming a child is an important task. The name given by the parents is their first gift to newborn babies. Proper names should be beautiful and meaningful. Indian peoples are finding their young babies’ names online as ” Indian baby boy names.”For that reason, we are collecting the best name of the baby boy’s name. I hope you were getting the right name for your baby’s name.   

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