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We are here to help you in choosing and deciding the most beautiful, inspiring and meaningful names from various cultures, religions and languages. You want unique, modern, popular, inspirational, traditional or meaningful names. We have it all.
At Kidpaw you are provided an amazing system, where you can easily navigate and search for the names of your kid with ease.

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What is Kidpaw?

We are proud to present to you Kidpaw as one of the largest databases in the world, spanning to over one million different names. Whether you are Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Persian; we have services to cater to everyone’s needs.

The navigation system on this site is very easy. The names are mostly categorized according to gender, religion and origin. Further categories also include ‘most popular’ and ‘inspirational names’.
Many parents prefer religious based names for various reasons for their babies. We are again at your service. All you have to do is to jump to the page where names are categorized according to religious books and beliefs.

The sound of the name is not enough for most of the parents. They are also interested in knowing and understanding the meanings of a particular name as it can have a major impact on child’s life. We are here to help you, yet again. Each and every name has its meaning for your ease of choice.

The Key Features

  • Ease of search with helpful suggestions.
  • Categorization of names in different sections by religion, origin and meaning.
  • Names of same meanings are grouped together.
  • Similar sounding names are also grouped together.
  • Drilldown names by gender; that is boy, girl and unisex.
  • Favourite names can be shortlisted on just a click before finalizing a name.
  • Popular and ‘tending names’ according to time and region.
  • Recent and popular searches for quick name suggestion.
  • Selected names can be shared with your family on social media.

Introducing Randomizer

Randomizer is a tool that helps you to focus and shortlist from a huge number of choices. It helps to finalise your decision about your baby’s name. It assists you to narrow down the search from the whole database, based on your taste and specific choice.