10 Most Popular Baby Names for Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh

Most popular top 10 modern baby names picked from Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Sikh religions. Browse the page to find and choose the most popular name for your baby!

As per human nature, every individual wants to be popular, but it is practically impossible to gain the popularity that Prince George enjoys or the fame that Brad Pitt has achieved. The least we can do is to adopt such names which are popular. This gives the satisfaction of association with someone successful. At the same time it has a psychological effect: automatically the individual feels related to his/her namesake and tries to behave like them. This has resulted in many success stories.

Since it is a strong belief that the names have an influence on the individuals, therefore, most of the parents try to choose the most popular names for their kids to have the nest future for them. Living in the age of globalization, at times it becomes difficult to choose a suitable and popular name for the kids. Here, at Kidpaw , we are at your service.

We are proud to tell you that we have one of the largest collections of popular names from all around the world. Popular Muslim names are usually based on the heroes from Islamic history and the Quran. We have a huge list of that to make your choices easier. Popular Hindu names have also gained popularity based on the religious, historical and film heroes. We are proud to present that list also. Most popular Christian names are also based on the popular individuals from movies and real life.

And the list is not just limited to the main religions or regions. It covers & major religions of the world. Therefore, there is a choice for everyone. In short, Kidpaw, has carefully categorized the names from all around the world to cater to whims and desires of the parents.