Top 10 Most Popular Welsh Boy Names In 2024

Evaan Name meaning in Urdu is -- , a Christian English Boy name with lucky number is -- and Evaan Name meaning in English is God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles. Name. Evaan.
The name Marvin is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Marvin is: Form of Merlin: From the sea fortress.
The name Daron is a baby boy name. The name Daron comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Daron is: Great. Similar Names: Taron ( English )
Origin of the name Merlin: English cognate of the Welsh Myrrdin, a name derived from the Primative Celtic elements mer, mori (sea) and dunom (hill, fortress), therefore meaning "sea hill" or "sea fortress." The name was most famously borne in Arthurian legend by the magician helper and guide of King Arthur.
Devaughn is an altered spelling of Irish surname Devine. Notable people with the surname include: Raheem DeVaughn, American singer and songwriter. William DeVaughn, American R&B singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Welsh Meaning: The name Jestin is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Jestin is: Just; upright; righteous.


Evyn. God is gracious, born of yew, or youth. POPULARITY: 3921. Evyn as a boy's name is of Hebrew, Welsh, and Scottish origin, and the meaning of Evyn is "God is gracious, born of yew, or youth".
French Meaning: The name Maddy is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Maddy is: Woman of Magdala. Tower.
Welsh Meaning: The name Floyd is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Floyd is: Grey. One with grey hair. In common use as both a surname and first name.


MEANING: This name derives from the Hebrew “'ı̂yôb > ʾiyyôḇ / 'iyyov”, Arabic “ayyūb”, meaning “persecuted, hated“. Job is the central character of the Book of Job in the Hebrew bible.