All Names Mentioned in Qur'an

We believe if you confuse things with their names that mean things carry the qualities of the names. Same goes for the names which have religious orientations.

In Islam people prefer to have Quranic baby names with the belief that the names mentioned in Quran have a therapeutic effect on the personality of the baby. We extracted baby boys and girls names from Qur'an. Quran can serve as a good resource for baby names. You can choose better name from the names which are mentioned in Qur'an.

Quranic boy names that are mentioned in the holy book are mostly the names of Prophets and other pious individuals mentioned in the book. Similarly, quranic girl names that are mentioned in the Quran are the names of Prophets’ wives or their mothers or other pious women in the history.
Such names are believed to have the effects and traits of the same personalities that they belong to originally. Since we all want to have the best future for our kids that is why these names hold more value and sacred significance.

Most importantly the names mentioned in Quran are mostly about the prophets; therefore, the people with those names will bear the same qualities. Since Quran is the book from Allah, that is why, it mentions the qualities and attributes of God. Again it is believed that people with the names of God’s attributes will be blessed with such attributes. For example, Adil, which means ‘the one who is righteous’ (Allah’s attribute)

This particular page of ‘Quranic Baby Names’ at Kidpaw is loaded with Quranic names with their meanings and gender orientation.