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Get most popular, modern baby names from different religions. Muslim baby names, Hindu baby names and latest baby names from Christian, Shikh and Jain religion.

Religion Based Names for the Babies

A large number of people undergo an extensive ordeal of choosing and naming their babies based on their respective religion and spiritual beliefs. Since a name gives an identity and place to a child in this world, therefore, choosing the best yet an appropriate name is vital.

At Kidpaw, we have a list of names with the origins of 7 religions, that is; Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Parsi and Buddhist names. It is not just the list of names form different religions but each name has its meaning to facilitate the process of decision making.

Being a religious person, one of these names is just right for you that are beautiful, meaningful and blissful. Some of these names pertain to the famous religious personalities; some represent the tradition, while others show virtues.

In Islam and Christianity, the religious based names are mostly related to the prophets, pious men and women or saints or such attributes which are the qualities of God and prophets. Muslims and Christians choose the names to develop the personality of their child into someone pious and an excellent human being. For example, ‘Aafa’ means ‘forgiver’ in Islam and ‘Aanya’ meaning ‘a woman graced with god’ in Christianity. Even the names like ‘Omar, Ali or Abu Bakr’ are quite popular among the Muslims as they were the names of the Caliphs in Islamic history.

In Hinduism, the religion based names are mostly related to their gods and goddesses in mythologies and their attributes. People feel proud to be called by the attributes and qualities given to their gods and goddesses. For instance, ‘Aadarsh’ means ‘ideal or the sun’; ‘Aaditya’ is the name of sun-god; ‘Abhiram’ is one of the attribute- names of lord Shiva and the list is humongous.

Names in Buddhism and Jainism work on the same principle, that is, the religion based names are attributed to the religious heroes and to their attributes. One important addition is the names attributed to the natural elements. As an example; ‘Dharma’ means ‘truth or religious duty’ in Buddhism; whereas ‘Bodhi’ is related to ‘the state of Nirvana’. In Jainism, many names are directly related to the religious figures; like, ‘Abhay Kumar’ meaning ‘son of King Shrenik’ or ‘Pava’ which means ‘a place where Lord Mahavir attained Nirvana’.

In Sikhism, one religious belief is that if a Sikh opens Guru Granth Sahib (holy book), open a page randomly then the first letter on the page can be the first letter of the name of your child. Here, at Kidpaw, we are proud to assist you if you have already chosen the first letter of your baby’s name. Such as, ‘Baljeet’; which means ‘mighty and victorious’.

It is so easy to navigate among the different religion-based names. Once you are on the page ‘Religion based Names for the Babies’; you can easily jump to the link of different religions and find alphabetically arranged names under each religion category. The names also have their meanings and gender specifications.

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