25 Scary Names That You Won’t Name Your Kids

When you become a parent, you have a responsibility of naming your kid the right way so rather than naming them with anything you should look for the top 100 baby names so that you do not mess up

25 Scary Names That You Won’t Name Your Kids

In this article, we will know about 25 unusual scary names that you should not name your kids with to keep them safe from future problems.

Always choose your kid’s names wisely and take them as a chance to give them a meaningful gift because they would be really happy when they will grow up and realize the importance.

Boys Names:


The first name that you will not probably name your kid is bates. The meaning of this name is psycho and you should not give it to your kids.


The meaning of the name Armad is the vampire chronicles and nobody would preferably want to name their kid with that.


The meaning of the name Damien is the omen and it is not preferred anywhere to name your kids with this name because it does not look right plus it does not mean right either.


The next name that parents do not like to name and also should not use as a name is Bram. The meaning of Bram is not specified but this name was used by the author of Dracula.


The next name is Cole which means the sixth sense. By now we do not even need to explain why it should not be used as a name because obviously why would someone name their kid ‘sixth sense’?


The next name that is used by so many people but they should not be using it is this name called Freddy. Freddy means a nightmare and unless your kid is a nightmare for you, do not use this name for him.


The first name that you should not name your kid with is Akuma. This is the name that means devil and you should never select it for your kid.


After this name was used for a weird scary doll in a movie people have stopped using this name as they should because of better safe than sorry. Always be careful with naming, you can also look for the top 10 Persian boy names on Google for some good name suggestions.


The next name that you should not name your kid with is Gesher. This is the name that is not preferred in Norway famous people and parents never select this name for their kids.


This is the name that some parents in a country gave to their daughter thinking it will have a positive impact on her which was not approved by the court.


The next name is Romero. The meaning of this name is not known but this name was used by the director of the movie called the night of the living dead so just avoid using this name.


The meaning of this name is the children of the corn and is not it enough scary name for you to not choose it? we don’t think people would like to be called corns if they name their kids with this.

Chief Maximus:

The next name that was banned in New Zealand’s list of people for being inappropriate and you cannot use for your kid and is completely banned there.


The last name that screams scary is a boys’ name that you should immediately take out of your list is Vlad. This is the name of the Romanian prince and the meaning of this name is Dracula.

Girl Names:


As we talk about the weird names, you should not use the name Esther for your daughter because it means orphan, and oh, do we need to explain more?


The next name that you should avoid using for your baby girl is Blair. This should not be used because of the Blair witch project. You should know that it comes under the responsibilities of a mother to her child to name her kid the right way.


The meaning of this name is unfortunate, and you never want your kids to be unfortunate so yes, better avoid using this name. This is a creepily scary name.


The meaning of this name is not known but you should not use this for your kids because it is not preferred to be used. 


Mallory again is the name that means unlucky and you should not be using this name for your kids because you never want them to run out of luck. 


The meaning of this name is the exorcist. If you know the meaning of exorcist then we are sure that you will not ever use this name for cute babies. Find some good names and use them for your kids rather than just choosing anything.


Samara is the name which means the Ring. Always choose names that have some good meaning or names that you think will have a good impact on your kid. It seems like a Muslim name and if you are a Muslim you can look for how to identify Muslim names for your kids.


The meaning of this name is the silence of the lambs and is one of the modern scary names. This is not the name that people would prefer for their kids because people choose names that do not only sound good but also have good meanings.

Carole Anne:

The next name which is avoided in all countries is the name Carole Anne which means poltergeist. This is not the right name to choose for your cute little baby and you should avoid it. 


Carrie is the name that was used for a girl and the movie was a telekinetic teen. It was not a very nice character, so people refrain from using this name altogether.


The last name that we would like to mention is the name Bella. Even though this name does not have any awkward scary meaning but because this name was used in a movie for a girl who was a vampire so people avoid this name.

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