Fantastic Aztec Names for Children

We have mentioned a lot of different cultures and religions and also the ways that they use to name their kids but this time you are going to read something different in this article that you might not have read anywhere else before.

Fantastic Aztec Names for Children

In this article, we will tell you about some of the most amazing Aztec names for your children that you can use because they have amazing meanings. You can also search for the top 100 baby names on any search engine if you want to look more into it.

But first, you need to know who Aztec people are. Aztecs are the people that speak the Nahuatl language, and these are the people who ruled an empire in the 15th and 16th centuries in Mexico.

Now, let’s get started and let’s know about some cute Aztec names for your kids.

Girl Names:


The cute Aztec name that we would like to mention in this list is Ahuic. This is the name that you can give to your daughter if you want and she will definitely feel great about it when she will grow up.

The name Ahuic is the name that was used by the goddess of running water, and streams. You can use this name if you belong to this group of people and it will be great for you.


Anacaona is again one of the cutest Aztec names that are for the female gender and you can give this name to your girl if you want a unique yet beautiful name.

The meaning of this name is a golden flower, and this will definitely be positive addition in both yours and your daughters’ life. This is the name that can also be shortened to Ana if you want to give a nickname to your daughter.  


The next name that is a must to mention in this list is Atzi. This is not just a short name, but it is a snappy and fun Aztec name that you can use for your daughter and enjoy all through her life.

This is a name that is not very difficult to pronounce but it still is very unique and is fun to be called with. So, you can definitely keep it under consideration.


Eztli is the Aztec name that you should consider giving to your children because again, why not choose a name that is unique and fun? The meaning of this name is blood.

Did you notice we mention children above? It is because this is one of the names that you can give both to your son and daughter if you want. Isn’t it amazing?

We know that there a lot of influence of the internet on children so choose a name that they can search on the internet and be happy that their parents gave them a name which is beautiful and meaningful.


The name in the list of girl Aztec names is Necahual which is a beautifully unique name and can be used for your daughters.

The meaning of this name is a survivor and this name belongs to an Aztec origin. This is one of the most beautiful names in this list because its meaning just simply increases the importance of naming altogether.

If you are looking for a name for your baby girl that you think will make her strong by having an impact on her personality, then you are at the right place.

Boy Names:

Now, as we are done discussing the names of girls in Aztec people, we will definitely look for some cute Aztec names for boys because they deserve to be in this list too.

You can also look for the top 10 Thai boy names if you want to choose a different path for naming your kid.


The modern Aztec name that you need to see and that we need to mention in this list because of its uniqueness is Acatl. This name is of Aztec origin and you can use this name for your baby boy if you want.

The meaning of this amazing Aztec name is basically inspired by the nature and it means a giant reed. If you are someone who believes in the purity and beauty of nature, then this is the right time to take it out by giving this name to your son.


The cute Aztec name that has a great meaning is Chimalli. This name again is of Aztec origin and you can use this name for your baby boy.

The meaning of this name is a shield and this name symbolizes protection and safety. If you believe in these things that say that name is a big factor that contributes to your kid’s personality, then you can go with this name and select it for your kid.


The Aztec name that we are going to mention in this list is this name that is Guatemoc. The meaning of this name is falling eagle or also descending eagle.

The best part about this name is that it can be spelled in so many different ways and you will still pronounce it the same way.

Some other spellings that are used for this name are Cuathemoc, Guatimozin, and finally, the most difficult one is Cuauhtemozin.

We will end up this list by mentioning that you can also look for the top 100 beautiful biblical boy names if you are looking for a change and want to experiment with something new.

Always remember one thing, no matter what you are going to name your kid, and no matter how much time you are going to take in selecting the name, always go for a name that has a good meaning and that you feel will not impact in a negative way.

Names have a lot of influence on your kids’ personality and they should always be given to them keeping this in mind because every parent in this world wants the best for their kids.

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