Top 10 Essential Manners To Teach Your Kids

In one’s life manners count so much, as it is the actual reflection of your personality. There are certain ethical values such as manners, morality, honesty and values which can’t be compensated by money. The idea of writing this article came to my mind when I was hanging out with my little niece in the restaurant.

All of a sudden my niece started scribbling on the floor using ketchup and mayonnaise. I was shocked because this action was against our family endowment. I quickly perceived that children’s are born with the group of fundamental skills but having polite behavior or good manners is not one of them. Here are top 10 manners to teach our kids for their better future.

teaching good manners

Respect your elders:

First and the foremost manner to be taught is how to respect. Elders and parents should be responsible for teaching kids that they should respect others the way they want to be respected. They should respect the elder person whether they know them or not. They should be the first one to greet by saying ‘Assalm o Alaikum’. Every culture and religion have its way of greeting, saying Asslamu o alaikum is the way of greeting among Muslims and it means “safety and peace be upon you.” If they see any elder standing, it is their moral duty to stand up and offer them chairs. Children should always say sorry or thank you when needed; kids are too small to understand a thing that’s why you should teach your children’s when to say sorry and thank you. Children’s mostly learn from elders, make yourself the best examples for your kids.

Always speak truth:

The truth is the hardest word of honor, the toughest weapon and best tool taught by our religion to live our lives. If you speak truth, you will never have the regrets, and you will never have the guilt of hiding something. Telling truth is not an easy task rather telling white lies seems to be much easier, but that is not the case. If you come up with a lie to hide something, to cover it up, you will have to tell 100 more lies. Teach your children that truth is like a lion you don’t have to protect or defend it.

Stop stealing things:

Stealing will give you happiness and fun for a moment, but eventually, it will become part of your nature. There comes a time when you can’t live without it. But the downside of stealing is, there will be feeling of fear, guilt, and shamefulness deep within. There are quite severe punishments in different cultures and religions. Youngsters should always be taught about the consequences of stealing.

Healthy activities:

You should teach your children to brush 3 times in a day; brushing helps in keeping them away from many diseases and germs. Children should take a bath daily, and wear neat and clean clothes to have a pleasing and elegant personality. With keeping yourselves clean, keep your environment clean as well, by throwing your garbage in a dustbin.

Religious practices:

Offering prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is the obligation for all Muslims no matter if they are poor or rich, white or black, etc. In addition to all spiritual and divine advantages it also gives physical advantages like secretion of glands, improving body postures, blood flow and cleanliness etc. children should pray five times to get close to ALLAH.

Eating manners:

top ten manners to teach

You should teach your child basic eating manners so if they are eating in a gathering they don’t make a mess and not to be a sign of embracement.

  • Teach them how to use different utensils like a fork, spoon etc.
  • Don’t make noise while eating,
  • Don’t throw food on the floor.
  •  Share food while eating with friends.
  • Wash hands before having a meal.
  • Take that much food in the plate, which can be easily eaten.

Be kind to pets:

I wish people teach their children’s not to hurt pets, not only pets but all animals. Besides respecting elders, they should also take care of small animals.

Be kind to mates and special children:

It’s your moral duty to teach your kid to be kind to their mates and the younger kids. Everyone should be given due respect .kids should learn to respect everyone irrespective of their age.

Be kind to servants:

I have seen many people taking their servants for granted. They are treated as if they have no emotions. Well, your servants are also humans and they work at your place as employees. If you respect them, your children will also practice the same. Kids always follow their elders and the surrounding environment, so teach them how to behave with people serving them.

Teach the selflessness:

Basically practicing selflessness means to show deliberation for everyone. Kid’s should be well aware of this thing, like when to hold the door for someone who is entering or leaving behind you, taking shopping bags from the car to the home for mom, asking an elder person to have your seat in a bus if he is standing. Well, these things will lead to a better future of your child.



Our children are our future. They should be an example for others and should motivate others to opt good manners. The top 10 manners to teach your kids have mentioned above. These can be suggested guidelines make them better human with decent future.
Kids are born with a set of inherited skills but having gracious actions or good manner is not one of them. It’s your ethical responsibility to teach them the best way to live your life with apt manners.

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