Top 100 beautiful biblical boy names and meanings in 2020

The Holy Bible is full fill with lots of beautiful and timeless names. However, you don’t have to be of one religion or another to choose any of these names. The advantage is that most of them are easy to pronounce in both English and Spanish, they can be combined with more elaborate middle names and, perhaps most importantly, they have a meaning that will mark your child’s character for life.

Here you can find a list of names of biblical origin for women and men. These are names from the Bible, Hebrew, and Jewish names. You will be capable of knowing the meaning of any Biblical name along with all the information of the story, its name-day, and the names of famous people. If you are looking for a name of Christian tradition for your baby, we show you biblical boy names and meanings for children with the date of the saints. Are you ready? Let’s get started.



List of prettiest biblical boy names and meanings for children.

The names of Biblical origin, apart from having their meaning within the Bible, also have a purpose or history for us mothers and fathers. Example: I gave my youngest son Matthew, which is the Spanish version of Mateo, and that is a biblical name that means a gift from God. After almost losing my son during pregnancy, I thought this name would go well with our story. So, the importance of name with their meaning is very important to all.

We are always thinking about the readers. For that’s why we designed this article the following. Categories:

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100 amazing biblical babies name and their beautiful meanings


  1. Adam (done on earth)
  2. Abraham (father of nations)
  3. Abdon (servant of God)
  4. Augustine (the revered)
  5. Alfonso (ready to fight)
  6. Angel (the envoy of God)
  7. Antonio (the one who flourishes amid the chaos)
  8. Augustus (the magnificent)
  9. Baltasar (God’s protégé)
  10. Benjamin (the son of happiness)
  11. Camilo (the one who accepts the sacrifice)
  12. Carlos (the strongest)
  13. Ciro (the one who shines like the sun)
  14. Christopher (the one who always carries Christ)
  15. Damián (man of the people)
  16. Daniel (God is my judge)
  17. David (the beloved, king of Israel)
  18. Sunday (the day of the Lord)
  19. Eduardo (strong for his riches)
  20. Elijah (God is Yahweh)
  21. Elisha (God is salvation)
  22. Ezekiel (God is strong)
  23. Faustino (the happy one)
  24. Federico (peaceful as the Lord)
  25. Felipe (the friendly one)
  26. Fermín (firm and fair)
  27. Fernando (brave; the one who brings peace)
  28. Francisco (the French)
  29. Gabriel (strength of God)
  30. Gerardo (strong with the spear)
  31. Germán (the loving brother)
  32. Gregory (the watchman of God)
  33. Guillermo (God’s protégé)
  34. Heriberto (distinguished by his army)
  35. Honorius (worthy of honor)
  36. Ignacio (with fire inside)
  37. Isaac (the laughing man)
  38. Isaiah (Salvation of God)
  39. Ishmael (to whom God has listened)
  40. Javier (the one who lives in the new)
  41. Jeremiah (whom God raises)
  42. Jerome (the sacred)
  43. James (whom God protects)
  44. Joel (Yahweh is God)
  45. Jonah (the one that flies free like the wind)
  46. Joaquín (whom God prepares)
  47. Joshua (salvation)
  48. Juan (God is mercy)
  49. Justin (the one who brings justice)
  50. Laureano (surrounded by laurels)
  51. Lazarus (God is my help)
  52. Leandro (the man of the town)
  53. Leopold (the bravest in the army)
  54. Lorenzo (the glorious)
  55. Lucas (the luminous)
  56. Luciano (the one who glows in the dark)
  57. Luis (famous in the war)
  58. Manuel (God with us)
  59. Marcelo (God of war)
  60. Mario (the one with the great seas)
  61. Martin (the warrior)
  62. Marcos (the consecrated)
  63. Mateo / Matías (gift of God)
  64. Mauricio (loved by God)
  65. Maximilian (the great)
  66. Melchior (king of light)
  67. Miguel (who like God?)
  68. Moses (the one who saves his people)
  69. Nicolás (the winner of the town)
  70. Noah (peace)
  71. Odón (the one full of riches)
  72. Oscar (weapon of the gods)
  73. Osvaldo (the one with the power of God)
  74. Patrick (noble)
  75. Rafael (the one who brings the cure through God)
  76. Raimundo (the counselor of God)
  77. Reinaldo (the powerful)
  78. Raúl (the brave; the advising wolf)
  79. Ricardo (known in the world for his wealth)
  80. Roberto (of brilliant fame)
  81. Rodrigo (the appreciated)
  82. Roque (the elevated one before the town)
  83. Rosendo (who defends the glory of God)
  84. Solomon (the calm warrior)
  85. Savior (in the name of Jesus)
  86. Samuel (in the name of God)
  87. Santiago (God protect him)
  88. Sebastian (the most venerable)
  89. Sergio (the one who comes out graceful from battles)
  90. Simon / Simeon (the one who obeys the word of God)
  91. Tadeo (the one who praises God)
  92. Timothy / Timothy (dear to God)
  93. Tobias (God is good)
  94. Tomás (the twin)
  95. Ubaldo (the one with the bold spirit)
  96. Valentine (the strong)
  97. Vincent (the one who overcomes in the name of the Lord)
  98. Victor / Victorio (the winner)
  99. Vladimiro / Vladimir (of great power)
  100. Zacharias (whom God remembered)

I hope you will get your desired name from this 100 list . Let’s cheers!


Why should you choose names according to the Bible?

According to Bible scholars, up to 3,000 male names can be found in the Old Testament, for only 200 female. Names in the Bible have two explicit purposes: to describe and identify; the name defines its owner, explains why the Lord uses it and describes its qualities. Many of these names represent the nations, the people, and the history of the peoples that make up these books. Others define expressions of hope, divine revelations, prophecies of the future. Sometimes the names indicated certain circumstances of the person’s birth or family line. We can also find names that referred to the occupation of the wearer or a physical characteristic of it. There are even some that allude to nature and its phenomena (lightning, rain, plants, animals).


The biblical names for boys have always been something special; mainly, it’s meaning. Each name represents a historical figure from the Bible that makes something unique. Biblical names like Abel or Cain are names with untold biblical importance. These names have the peculiarity that they do not age with time or go out of fashion. On the contrary, many Christian and non-Christian families find in these names the ideal term to call their children. The biblical names for children that we have exposed in this section are eternal. They have never forgotten, we have tried to make them sound good, have a unique sound, but also have some interesting story behind to tell us, undoubtedly beautiful names. I hope you were got your desired biblical boy names and meanings from our list.


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