What Muslim Name Means Gift of Allah?

Do you know what significance names hold? 

Well, they have deep connections with your identity and presence in the world. Names are like a dress, and people define you with this dress. A person’s name is the first introduction, first definition, and the first thing somebody owns as soon as they come to this world. 

Names hold power and have both positive and negative impacts on life. In Islam, names are significant because of the good and bad impact they have. Muslims are particular about names, and they never consider a random attribution of a word a name. 

In Islam, Muslims believe that name is the greatest connection between individuality and identity. A person’s name is not just a personal thing, it also has deep cultural, familial, and traditional value. 

Some people link their names with their ancestors, and some of us with our cast. So, the art of giving a name is not just giving someone a sense of individuality, but it also includes cultural value. 

In Islam, Muslims also pay attention to names meaning, because they believe having a good name, is like having positive energy around you. And having a meaningful name is like being surrounded by unbeatable power. 

So, whenever a baby is born in the Muslim community, parents take the utmost responsibility to suggest a beautiful and menacing name to their kids. There are a lot of Muslim names with the same meaning and different pronunciations and articulations. 

Some Muslim names mean Gift of Allah and it is a beautiful meaning for a Muslim kid to have. If you are looking for Muslim names with the Gift of Allah as a meaning consider the following 


Manha is a beautiful baby girl’s name with the meaning Gift of Allah. The name Manha is an Arabic word and it has more than one meaning. 

One of the common meanings of Manha is the Gift of Allah and Muslim parents love to give this beautiful name to their daughters. Manha is an easy name and girls with this name are fair in their dealing. 


Minna is Arabic and it is used to the meaning of Mercy, Charity, or Gift of Allah. It also comes under the meaning of love and care, so Muslims give this feminine name to their girls. 

Minna is a common name in Afghan and Algerian culture, so Muslims of these communities love this simple and meaningful name. It is a traditional female name and girls with this name are steady and straightforward in their code of conduct. 


Aayan is an Urdu name and its meaning is God’s Gift. The other meaning of this Urdu-originated name is Blessing or Manifestation. It is a beautiful Muslim boy’s name and has also multiple meanings. 

The word Aayan is derived from Arabic and is a variation of Ayan. The word Ayan is Persian and Aayan is derived from this word. In Holy Quran, the name Aayan means Gift of Allah, so based on that Muslims give this name to their baby boys. 


Abzi is a common Muslim name in Qatar and it means Gift of God. The other meaning of this Muslim boy is Ability and it is a popular surname used in Qatar. 

Abzi is a Muslim boy’s name and people use it with other surnames. Its meaning is soft and pleasing. So, if you want to give a unique name to your baby boy with the meaning Gift of Allah, you can choose Abzi for your kid. 


Ifti is a popular Muslim boy name with simple and beautiful meanings. It is an Arabic word meaning Gift of Allah.

It is one of those Muslim names that people love because it is easy to pronounce, and the meaning is a beautiful characteristic. The origin of Ifti is Arabic and is carried by Muslims of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. 

The name Ifti is used with multiple surnames to make this name sound more beautiful and powerful. It is for the male gender and represents someone with the potential to get great things in life. 


Toha is an Arabic and Muslim name for boys with the meaning Gift of Allah. It is a unique Muslim name also used for girls. It is spelled as Toha, and Tuha both. 

The best thing about this name is its uniqueness and simplicity. The name Toha is an Arabic word, and it is also the first verse of Surah Tu-Ha. 

The other meanings of Toha are Wing and Sound.. As Muslims use it for girls and boys, it comes under the category of Unisex names. 


Ahmer is a popular boy name, and the best thing about this name is its meaning. It is another Muslim name that means God’s Gift. 

In other words, you can say that Ahmer is the Gift of Allah, a beautiful Gift to cherish and love. It is a Muslim boy’s name and is a popular name in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and other Asian countries. 

Ahmer is a fairly short name. It was initially referred to females but later was improvised as a Muslim boy name. In the Muslim religion, it could be used for both males and females. 

The origin of Ahmer is Arabic, and in Arabic, it means red colored. 


Ayzel is a Muslim name and is common in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The meaning of this name is Gift of Allah, and it also represents an individual who brings fortune. 

Ayzel is a beautiful name and is mostly used for baby girls. The origin of the name is Arabic, and it has alternative spellings like Aizel, Ayzel, and Ayzal. 

It consists of five alphabets, and Muslims also refer to this name for boys too. In Arabic, Ayzel is a blessing of Allah that brings luck and fortune. 


Ifzan is a unique name that means Gift of Allah. It is a not-so-common Muslim name meaning Allah’s presence.. It is a Muslim boy’s name, and the origin of this name is Algerian. 

The word Ifzan is a symbol of Independence, and it is a modern name that holds a beautiful meaning. People with the name Ifzan are trustworthy because they are independent and have no bad feelings for anyone. 


Iwaan is a Muslim boy name of Arabic origin. It is another Muslim name that means Gift of God. Iwaan is also used as a boy name in other languages like Persian and Latin. 

In Arabic, Iwaan is the Gift of God and is a common Muslim name in Egypt, Comron, and Algeria. It is short and simple with precious meaning. 


Ozil is a Turkish Muslim name, and the meaning of this name is Gift of Allah. It is a small and delicate baby boy’s name. The word Ozil is derived from the Turkish language, and people with the name Ozil are considered Genuine. 

It has a purely Turkish origin and Muslims living in Turkey add a surname to Ozil to make it sound more beautiful. Ozil also means Own land, but in Arabic, it is known as a present from Allah. 


Anum is a popular Muslim name, and the true meaning of the word Anum in English is the Gift of Allah. It is a simple feminine name that originated in Egypt. In Egypt culture, Anum means The Mercy of Allah, and in Urdu, it stands for blessing or favor of God. 

Anum is a beautiful female name short in attributes, and simple in pronunciation. It is a popular name in the Muslim community because of its simplicity,  and positive impact. 


Hasbi is one of those Muslim names, that means Gift of Allah. The best thing about this name is that you can use it with any other Muslim surname without thinking twice. 

It matches all kinds of surnames and is unique in its way. As far as the meaning is concerned, Hasbi is a beautiful name, and it is an Arabic term that means a present from Allah. 

Hasbi is a gentle Muslim boy’s name, and people with this name are generally social-able and expressive as compared to others. The name Hasbi holds an aura of fun-loving and creative energy that can change the surrounding environment. 


Abeda means A Gift of God, and it is a beautiful Muslim girl’s name. The origin of this name is Arabic, and girls born with this name are devoted and adorable in their own way. 

In Arabic, the word Abeda means a Gift of Allah, worshipper, and adorer. It is a unique Muslim name with more than one root. It also has a Hebrew origin but is a commonly used name in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egyptian countries. 

Abeda is a short name, but the meaning of Abeda is someone who worships. 


Fayra is a pleasant Muslim name, and it also means Present or Gift of God. Fayra is a little bit different from other Muslim feminine names because it is pronounced,  and spelled in a certain way. 

People confuse it with Farha, but it has some differences. Although the meaning is Gift of God, the spelling and articulation are not the same. 

Fayra is a not-so-common name but is beautiful in terms of meaning. You can give this pleasant name to your pleasant-looking baby girls. 


Enaitis a Hindu Muslim name, and it stands for Gift or present. Enait means something that is sent by Allah. The word Enait is also used in Urdu, and in  Urdu it means something that comes from Allah. So,  Muslims use this beautiful word as a name for their girls and boys. 

Enait is a unisex name but is more popular among males. It is written with alphabets A and E, and in both ways, it means the same. 


Azair is a powerful Arabic word that means Gift of God. It also represents someone with an impressive personality and hopeful nature. The word Azair holds positive energy and people with the name Azair can influence anybody. 

Azair is a Muslim boy name with Arabic origin. It has multiple meanings in different languages but is mostly known as the Gift of Allah or hope. 

People with the name Azair have natural authority and are also known as the noble protector or noble guardians for people around them. 


Atiya is a female name, and it means present. The true meaning of the Arabic word Atiya means a Present or something special from God. 

It is a beautiful Muslim girl’s name of Arabic roots. The best thing about this name is its simplicity and importance. The other meanings of the name Atiya are bounty, Grant, or something precious. 

In Arabic, Atiya is something especially sent by Allah in the form of a blessing. So, if a Muslim family gets a reward from Allah in the form of a daughter, they can give her the name Atiya, to thank the creator. 


Hadya is a feminine name, and it is one of the most beautiful Muslim names. The word Hadya means Gift of Allah, a guide, or a beautiful present. 

It is a simple Muslim girl name of Arabic origin. The word Hadya is purely Arabic, and it means a Gift in the form of a Guide to righteousness. 

The word Hadya is also linked with a well-behaved female, who knows how to guide others to the right path. You can give this Muslim name to your daughters for a good impact on their personalities. 


Arnaf is a unique Muslim name, and it is more common among males. It also means Gift of Allah and is especially common among Algerian, Indonesian, and Bahraini Muslims. 

It is simple to call, and easy to spell. People born with the name Arnaf are different, and they know how to find solutions to problems. 

If you want to give a pleasant and beautiful name to your kids with the meaning Gift of Allah, you can choose from the above-mentioned. They all are unique, and loving in their own way. 

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